Be Heard and Tell Everett City Council You Want a Chance to Vote for Everett City Council Districts!
Last week at the Everett City Council meeting Everett District Now! supporters proposed that city council take action to place our proposal on the November ballot.

The issue is that the law in the city says we have up until 45 days before the election to submit signatures.  The city says that they cannot comply with that law because the county has a deadline of August 1 to put issues on the ballot.
Everett Districts Now! has collected well over 3,000 signatures and there is clearly very, very strong community support, but we still need the additional time provided under the law to reach our goal.

To resolve the discrepancy, Everett District Now! asked the city council to have a public hearing and then vote to put the measure on the ballot, as they have the authority to do without the citizens petition.

Council Member Brenda Stonecipher noted that the signatures currently gathered would, in most scenarios, be sufficient to get the measure on the ballot.  Because of the unusually high turnout in the last presidential election the number of signatures required is artificially high.  Therefore Council Member Stonecipher made a motion to hold a public hearing and vote to put the proposal, as written on the petition, before the voters.  Council President Tuohy seconded that motion, and she has set a special council meeting for the hearing.

This Monday, July 31, at 6:30 PM in the Everett City Council Chambers, 3002 Wetmore Ave, YOU will have your opportunity to tell the council that you want to have a chance to vote on the Everett City Council Districts as proposed by Everett Districts Now!
We need to show that there is strong community support for this proposal and that we want a chance to vote!  We are asking that you show up to the council meeting AND that you sign up to speak in favor of the proposal and in favor of giving our city’s voters the opportunity to decide!  Our goal is to have over 50 Everett residents speak about why they want to have an opportunity to vote!  WE NEED YOU!

Representatives of Everett District Now will be in the lobby of the City Council Chambers starting at 5:30 PM to help you sign up to speak.

We also have some talking points available and some questions/answers to help you prepare to make a brief statement to council.  We know that public speaking can be difficult, particularly in an official meeting like this.  But this is important and it is your chance to be heard!  We will do everything we can to help prepare you for making comments and to make it as easy and painless as possible!
If you would like a copy of the talking points, please e-mail and let him know that you will be at the meeting and would like a copy.

Speak out and be heard, and make a difference in your community!


Everett Districts Now Fundraiser 

Tuesday, August 22, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM


Sign the petition to create five geographic districts and keep two at large for Everett City Council. Currently, all council members are elected at-large, as a result, 6 out of 7 live in the northern part of the city. Districts would ensure fair and equal representation across the entire city. A city government that comes from the people will better serve all people. 

Join the movement-residents of Everett are coming together to pass a citizens initiative to amend the Everett City Charter and establish a new voting system. With enough signatures, the issue will go before all Everett voters in November 2017.
We need your support! We need to gather over 9,000 signatures in person by the end of July and we need you to vote yes on districts!
Sign the petition to create a fair and just voting system! You must sign in person, the petition is available at Café Zippy at 1502 Rucker and the Everett Farmers Market this Spring and Summer and look for volunteers walking your neighborhood or contact us!

Register to vote and get your current voting information from the Washington Secretary of State.

Register to vote and get your current voting information from the Washington Secretary of State.


We believe Everett is a great and growing city. We believe that the people of Everett deserve equitable and fair representation. We believe that a city government that comes from the people will better serve all people. 

We believe that Everett must have districts, now!


This is the map of the proposed Everett City Council Districts.


We believe that the creation of council districts will promote equal and fair representation on the Everett City Council.

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